Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January music report after listening to these you will work

2016 will go one-twelveth, just this past January, Chinese pop music scene is also quite lively, old and new singer focused on hair piece.

TFBOYS was launched on January 1 the single statement to one of the perfect child, veteran Diva Kelly Chen, Hong Kong Cantonese album was also released And Then mark his entry of 20 years ago. Interview Cheng Qingsong why I think Taiwan Golden

I'm a singer ', ' song of China and the China Star, a one year program opened the musical arts.

In January has passed, these songs could spend new year's with you last week.

Taiwan pop

Christine fan Qi + fish LEONG of the best arrangements

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

This upgraded version of "cheering song" 2016 from doing qi new album of Van Gundy Thanksgiving day.

As Van Gundy of the winners in life probably has only one thing left to do in this life, it's Thanksgiving. Album title of the Thanksgiving of the chicken so much, stomach.

Fish LEONG and best arrangement continued in the chorus of the song "the most important decision" of "wording", sounds just like girlfriends in the winter ice cream for afternoon tea pot, sweet, but also makes it difficult to give up taste. Especially those who have the husband and instructing the child onto the peak of happiness in life women, don't forget new year's resolutions to those girlfriends sent word on this song.

Fingers out, Fan Wei Qi, and Angela if the thing is already 10 years ago, old songs, this song still don't understand about girls song of friendship or more saucy lesbian has been dominating the KTV girlfriends song list. 10 years later, is the upgrade for this one of the best arrangement.

All in all, Wang was when so many took turns abusing the dog during the upcoming Spring Festival, still carries a heart of Thanksgiving to remember Oh ~

Kelly And Then,

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

After Yeung Chin-wah, at the end of 2015 launch to carry on after 20 anniversary album, Kelly also introduced earlier in the 20 anniversary of the album, And Then.

In the album's production team, we were able to see the programme, Wyman Wong, a Hong Kong music scenes, but there are many critics who pointed to the album style is outdated.

From local present ecological view, which is really old singer's last-ditch move, but as long as there are a number of like nostalgia music fans in Hong Kong, then main nostalgia is probably the people willing to accept identity cards in Hong Kong.

Race pick

Liu Wei for Mavis fan you are

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

Mavis fan after hearing the song, got up and comforted crying liouville.

The song of China kicked off in the third quarter, there are two impressive song. Song of the brush the brush is really amazing, but because you did not liouville is Mavis fan feelings of playing well.

In my impression it seems that apart from an Angela outside when the song Hello Jay, no song like for Mavis fan you are so idol show mine, and the music itself is about ditching the Hello Jay did not know how many.

"Indulged in Idol one disappear" era of liouville this song just seems to be a major boost to the idol culture is dead, please note that I said is idolatry, and not as someone's fans.

Liouville we vaguely see the emergence of a new year with a positive meaning, does not know a couple of people like me would come home looking through old tapes and old CD, recalling youthful years with no exception.

Sitar Tan of the several people play • is the tone of the

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

Sitar Tan in the star of China there are many stunning performances, people had to thumbs up. From the color give you a mix of rock and Huayin old cavity grafting rock and R&B of the fly, play • this law by then to the tune of Beijing folk music elements introduced, Sitar Tan in the way of creative song gone.

And just recently, with Sitar Tan in the star of China, performed with the vision to all of you a little color into the Huayin old cavities also would go to the 2016 CCTV, hope Sitar Tan in 2016 to find their position, cannot hit since emerging from the awkward position.

City folk

2016 years, folk singers are not idle, and sister band not only reached the Hunan satellite TV new year countdown party, also launched the new album of the West window, though do not know so high is to take the Golden Kela, but quality decline and repeats itself is already self-evident.

Other folk singers also do tours do tour, playing chips play chips. Cheng Bi song of the rope is in the hands of God God psychedelic electronic style, Jin Wenqi until I met you, the play has been playing rotten Chinese style.

Only Chet Lam this clean and simple theme of the master Hou broke through the consistent theme of urban folk, face to face with the bottom of the living situation, almost no Polish lyrics for songs to be successful out of folk and artificial gas.

"Production of 1 million tons of coal, allows 1 person died, 7000 meters underground, he said a little bit cold"

"Production of 1 million tons of coal, allows 1 person died" this simple lyrics bring me the music touched for the first time in the new year.

"I'm not satisfied with all this, why am I looking forward to seeing is, a dark face,

I'm not satisfied of this, why do I want to hear what he says is, how terrorist how tragic "

Caused by the just-concluded Beijing Spring Festival evening about the underlying issues in the cultural construction of intellectuals continues, Chet Lam sang in this master Hou as arts practitioners for white-collar workers and difficult to break through at the bottom of the diaphragm.

Film and television soundtracks

Deng Chao of the invincible

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

CHOW's music and lyrics, Deng Chao sings, I don't know what a joke funnier.

Invincible is how lonely

How much invincible empty

Alone at the top in the wind constantly blows

I alone who can understand me

Invincible is how lonely

How much invincible empty

Holed up in the sky, she could not hear what I say

I'm lonesome, lonely cold

Probably no other song in the world to be able to profoundly express one's empty, lonely and cold.

Yeh, you sure you're not a monkey to make it? Maybe you put on all sorts of funny Kung Fu to his lyrics to music.

Adam and Karen chorus of the world always Hello what is the charm of the old songs, this invincible as the song of the mermaids, issuers do not do negative marketing?

Aaron Kwok is the Monkey King,

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

I never thought is that this song was from the hand of Hong Kong film score masters Peter Kam, I think jingjing, Oh, no, it's quiet.

Lyrics I've been too lazy to post, did not say anything, I'm going to listen to Joe HISAISHI's soundtrack of the chines wash your ears!

Rong Wang of the heels

January music report | after listening to these, you will work

Not transgender singer is not a good debater! As the music of a song made by wuli Rong Wang, is to brainwash international certification standards of the Divine Comedy. Comedy song of the high heels:

"Heels stockings long hair curly eyelashes thoracic squeeze is always bra bra bra ... ..."

Why red does not Rong Wang to the United States, and this is a mystery.

The main theme

How, ultimately, theme of the new year, once the theme is on the field of hope for the new year, and come back often. Today's theme song like a surreal, added the year signs.

And Li Yuchun chorus of congratulation in 2016, Andy Lau, Cantonese-language edition of the us into the man in the Kung Hei Fat Choi. (Purchase new year's broadcast when I was the supermarket forced Amway ... ... )

In the last few days around the monkey, the Monkey King, Liu Xiao Ling Tong's noisy but also when there is no break, singing the theme song of the return of the Holy from three places jointly perform and sing a song of the cold home 2016--suddenly doesn't want to work a RIP in your home?